General Advisory Committee

The Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation serves as the General Advisory Committee for Career & Technical Programs in Cowlitz County. Our purpose is to provide direction and guidance to educational administrators responsible for implementing the entire career-technical education (CTE) program offered within Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties. The five major roles served by our members include:

  1. Providing information which will update, modify, expand, and improve the overall quality of program(s).
  2. Supporting and strengthening the partnership between business, labor, the community, and education.
  3. Making recommendations that will strengthen and expand curriculum and provide assistance to implement recommendations.
  4. Advising staff on appropriate activities to be implemented through the Tech Prep and Worker Retraining programs as a way to strengthen partnerships in the community.
  5. Partnering with events created to help promote Professional/Technical trades and skills as mentioned above, which would include volunteering time, help with recruitment of volunteers, and offering advice.

Five Strategic Goals:

  1. Students will have access to relevant and rigorous career and technical education and training for all growing occupations in greater Cowlitz/Wahkiakum counties.
  2. Students will have the option of earning college credit for career and technical education courses that are articulated with Lower Columbia College or registered apprenticeship.
  3. Local career and technical education resources are maximized to ensure available and high quality education for high school students.
  4. All general career and technical education and Tech Prep advisory responsibilities are carried out by this consortium.
  5. CTE and Tech Prep will have the support of local employers to advocate for rigorous and relevant career and technical education opportunities among legislators, school boards, and other policy makers

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